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A Unit on Sound:

Ideas for Interdisciplinary Lessons

For Science and Music

(See"hands on" experiments and activities)
Suggested Student Assignment: Make a Musical Instrument

Write an Essay About Your Instrument

Modified Essay for Special Education Students

Suggested Rubrics for the Musical Instrument
Standards Based Guidelines for Science, Music and Language Arts Goals-Making A Musical Instrument

Student Guidelines for Standards Based Goals


Kim Voigt's Excellent Plans!© Kimberly Voigt is a music teacher in Shepherd, Michigan. She has developed extensive plans and handouts for students and wishes to share them with you

Kim Voigt's Sound Sculpture Project for Second Graders!!

See how Cameron Elementary School in Colorado did this project.

For another unit which emphasizes historical development see: "Music Inventions"

For other units on "Inventions", see: Pro Teacher! Invention & Technology Lesson Plans for Elementary School Teachers

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