Links to Sites About Musical Instruments and Sound

Instrument Lab

(Ideas for students for making instruments)

America's Shrine to Music Museum

(Pictures of old instruments)

(Strange and weird instruments -- get lots of ideas here!!)

Instrument Encylopedia

(Browse General Reference to see different instruments.)

Homemade Musical Instruments on RhythmWeb

(Get ideas for using things around the house for instruments.)

The World of Music

(Music of the World and About Types of Instruments)

The Crafty Music Teacher's Page

(Directions for making a bass marimba and other instruments)

Historical Musical Instruments

(Look at some old instruments in the "Electronic Picture Gallery")

San Francisco Symphony Kids' Site 

(Lots of fun!!)

How to Build a Musical Instrument ("Real" guitars, flutes, etc.)

Chris's Upright Cardboard Bass (YouTube Video)

Beer Bottle Flute by Virginia Abernathy (YouTube Video)

Vegetable Instruments Made by a Japanese Music Teacher (YouTube)


Pro Teacher! Invention & Technology Lesson Plans for Elementary School Teachers

For Teachers in the Midwest: Sounds We Make - An Interactive Assembly for Your School!

Children's Music Portal (information about CD's for children)

Resources For Music Teachers

How is sound made?


Send us your invention!


Tips for Teachers