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Gallery 33

Instruments Made 
by Adults and/or Individuals

Gallery 12 Video Clips 

Shepherd Main Elementary School, Shepherd,Michigan

Last updated May 12, 2014

Gallery 1Video Clips

Longfellow School, Oak Park, Illinois

Gallery 2

Beye School, Oak Park, Illinois

Gallery 3

Cameron Elementary School Greeley, Colorado

Gallery 4

Ivy Hall School, Buffalo Grove, Illinois

Gallery 5

Trinity School, Grandview, Ohio

Gallery 6

Gentry School, Erwin, North Carolina

Gallery 7

Irving School, Berwyn, Illinois

Gallery 8

St. Marys School, St. Marys, Ohio

Gallery 9

Rush Creek School, Maple Grove, Minnesota

Gallery 10

James Getty School, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Gallery 11

Holmes School, Oak Park, Illinois

Gallery 12 Video Clips

Shepherd Main Elementary School, Shepherd,Michigan

Gallery 13

St. Vincent DePaul School, Shepherd, Michigan

Gallery 14

Bernardston Elementary School, Bernardston, Massachusetts

Gallery 15

Crystal Lake Central High School, Crystal Lake, Illinois

Gallery 16

Fulton Place School, Edmonton, Alberta

Gallery 17

2011-2012Video Clips
Winn Elementary School, Winn, Michigan

Gallery 18

St. Mary School, Delaware, Ohio

Gallery 19

South Elementary School, Westmont, Illinois

Gallery 20

PS87 Queens, Queens, New York

Gallery 21

St. Piux X School, Toledo, Ohio

Gallery 22

Meadowview Elementary School

Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Gallery 23 Video Clips!

Northview Elementary School

Rantoul, Illinois

Gallery 25

Town and Country School

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Gallery 26 
Catlin Arts Magnet Center

Omaha, Nebraska

Gallery 28

Norwood Elementary School

Port Jefferson Station, New York

Gallery 29

Video Clips!

Scuola Primaria di Vezzano

Gallery 30

West Woods Elementary School

Farmington, Connecticut

Gallery 31

Lone Tree Elementary School

Lone Tree, Iowa

Gallery 32 

Smith Middle School

Troy, Michigan

Gallery 33 

Instruments Made by Adults and/or Individuals

Gallery 34 

North Harrison Elementary School

Eagleville, Missouri

Gallery 35  

Plantsville Elementary School

Southington, Connecticut

Gallery 36  

Kelley Elementary School

Southington, Connecticut

Gallery 37
Unidad Educativa Tomas Moro
Tomas Moro School
Quito, Ecuador

Gallery 38 Video Clips
Bolton Landing Central School
Bolton Landing, New York

Gallery 39

2nd High School of Nikiai

Pireaus, Greece

Gallery 40

High School of Mesaria

Santorini, Greece
Gallery 41

Memorial School

Middlefield, Connecticut

Gallery 42
Primary School
Skoutaros, Levos

Scotts Mills
Elementary School
Scotts Mills, Oregon
Central Howell School
Silverton, Oregon
Gallery 44
North Pembroke Elementary School
North Pembroke, Massachusetts
Karin Foley, Teacher


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