Making Sounds Higher and Lower

Cup and Rubber Band

1. Using your cup and rubber band again, tighten the rubber band by pulling it.
2. Pluck it.
3. Now loosen the rubber band and pluck it again.
What differences did you see and hear?

Make a musical instrument out of your cup by pulling the rubber band tighter and looser while you pluck it. Try to play a simple tune like “Jingle Bells”. Tell what happened when you tried.

What other ways could you use to make a rubber band vibrate faster to make a higher note?


1. Hold your ruler so that most of it is off the desk. Pluck it.
2. Hold your ruler so that most of it is on the desk. Pluck it.
What differences do you see and hear?

The ruler is not tighter when it makes a higher note. What makes the pitch higher?

When something vibrates faster, the pitch is

When something vibrates slower, the pitch is