Blazing Angel Drum Set
By Devon and Stacy

    Our instrument is called the Blazing Angel Drum Set.  We wanted to make a drum and then we got carried away with ideas.  Our instrument is in the percussion family.  This instrument looks like a collage of musical sounds.  The pitch sound ranges from high to low.  The materials we used were nuts, screws, two five gallon buckets, and PVC pipes.  We found our materials at Stacy's dad’s shop and at the Home Depot.

    When you play our instrument don’t pound hard on the cans or cymbals.  When you hit the sides of the buckets, paint cans, and PVC pipes, the pitch is higher.  The tops of the buckets make a lower pitch.  You can play our instrument about ten different ways and it all sounds awesome together.

    Devon and I talked a lot about how we wanted to make our instrument.  We came up with the idea to make it be not just a drum set, but also a xylophone.  We drew a plan and showed our dads our idea.  We looked around for objects to use and came up with everything we needed.

    We had to make a frame to hold the two cans, cymbals, and xylophone using wood and screws.  We used a drill to make holes in the buckets to hold them together.  The PVC pipes were cut to fit our instrument frame.  When we finished making the instrument we used black spray paint to color the parts.

    Our dads helped us by buying the items we needed such as the spray paint and bolts.  They also supervised us while we used the tools.  They let us do all the work.

    We had problems when we were making the wood frame because a piece of wood cracked.  We had to use duct tape to fix it.  Thankfully, that was the only major problem.

    We came to the following conclusions.  We were surprised, shocked, and amazed to see our idea come to life!  The best thing was that it worked!  We liked spray painting and getting dirty.  It was kind of hard work but it was worth the time it took to build.  We also liked that we got to spend time together doing something totally fun and working with our dads.