Bucket Bass
by Rachel
    The name of my instrument is the “Bucket Bass”.  How I got the idea was I was thinking of my violin.  My instrument belongs to the string family.  It is made from a popcorn can with a drilled hole in the center of the bottom.  I attached a pool stick and a string.  When you pull the string tight it makes a higher sound.  When you let the string loosen, it makes a lower sound.

    The materials I used were string, a popcorn can, and a pool stick.  My nanu (grandfather) had an old popcorn can someone gave him for Christmas and an old pool stick.  We went to Menard’s and bought the string.

    We made the instrument by drilling a hole in the middle of the bottom of the popcorn can.  Then we cut off the top of the pool stick.  After that, we drilled a hole in the middle of the top end of the pool stick to attach the string.  We had a problem finding my nanu’s good drill, but we found his old drill downstairs.

    I play the instrument by putting my foot on the edge of the can to hold the can in place.  Then I put the stick on the edge of the can and pull it back.  I pluck the string and tighten or loosen it to change the pitch.

    I liked how this project turned out.  I liked making the instrument with my grandfather.   I helped put the string through the holes and attach the stick.  I learned you can make an instrument out of anything!