Cane of Colors

     I thought I would make something like an Australian didgeridoo. I used 4 PVC pipes, 1 PVC elbow, and 4 couplers. I came up with the name Horses Horn, because I make a sound like a horse with my mouth to play it.

     First I grabbed a  “”  PVC pipe, and put a “”  to “1” pipe and a “1” to “2” coupler on the end of the pipe. Then I glued them together with primer and glue. Next I tested it out, it was low. Then my dad wanted to make it bigger so I put a “2” to “3” coupler on. Next I put a “3” pipe in, and put a “3” to “4” coupler on. Then I put a “4” PVC pipe in.

     Lastly I put the PVC elbow on and it made an awesome, deep sound. I put some blue, black, and purple duct tape to color it.