The Cornhusker
by Julian

Hello my name is Julian and I am going to tell you about my instrument, The Cornhusker. I got my idea from T.V because I was watching a review of the last football game and I got my idea.

The materials I used are paint, glue, tape, cardboard, wire mesh, newspaper, and tacks. I found the materials at the home depot and Walgreens.

I made my instrument by cutting the cardboard and the other pieces and taped them together.  Then I put mesh on it and let it dry outside.  After that I painted it.  We did not know that it was frozen and after we let the paint dry we painted it again and it was not dried all the way so it fell apart. My foster mom helped me with cutting out stuff.  The part that fell apart, I fixed with super glue.

The family that my instrument belongs to is the strings. I play my instrument by strumming it.  It’s not very loud and it’s hard to tune.