Shaker by Estaban    

     Hi! My name is Esteban and I'm going to tell you about my homemade instrument. We call it the Shaker. Now I'm going to tell you about it.

     My instrument can make more than one sound. My mom told me you could put rubber balls in a box and it makes sound. Plus we taped a popcorn can upside down so the arms could hit it. My dad set a place for us to paint so we painted eyes and a face. Then we made a metal hat that makes sound.

     My instrument is very creative. It has eyeballs and buck teeth. We painted a beard red and green. Its arms are metal hangers we attached gloves and cooking sticks to it. My mom came up with that idea.

      The instrument can be easily moved. The instrument is a cardboard box. We were going to use a metal birdcage. But instead I found a box and decided to do that. But think I’m glad I didn’t use a birdcage.
     The instruments family is percussion because it’s like a drum. I hope you like my instrument.