Storm Typhoon
By Nathan

My instrument is called “the Storm Typhoon”.  I got the idea from seeing an instrument from previous years. 

My instrument is a member of the percussion family.  It has 7 different sounds. 

The instrument is made of a shoe box, wrapping paper, duct tape, plastic bottles, play dough cans, chop sticks, a coat hanger, paper towel tube, coins, rice, pencils, pop tabs, and construction paper. 

I found the materials around my house.  First, I covered the shoebox in wrapping paper.  Then I added the roll, coins, and duct tape to the box.  Next, I took the clips off the hanger and poked holes in the play dough cans.  Then I tied the yarn around two bottles and on the tubes. 
My mom helped me with the project.  We ran into 2 problems -we ran out of time and we got bored.