Washer Chimes
by Britten and Anna    
     The name of our instrument is Washer Chimes. We got the idea from wind chimes. It is a percussion instrument. Our instrument has a high pitched sound. It looks like round small circular chime type things.
     We used three different materials to make the instrument. We found the materials in Britten’s garage. To make the instrument we used different sized washers, some kite string and a white porch bar.

      What we did to make our instrument was tie four to six washers to a piece of string and tie it to the porch bar. Britten’s dad helped us tie some washers to the string. We made almost the entire instrument by ourselves.

     We had problems from when we tied the washers to the string.  It was too far or too close or it just would not stay. So we had to try again until it was better.

     The way we play it is by hitting it with a stick or shaking it. We can’t change the volume of the instrument.

     We think our instrument is very cool. We liked it when we found the parts for the instrument. We learned that tying washers to string is very hard.