Charlene Quirk, Music Teacher at Cameron Elementary School, Greeley Colorado, tells about the musical instrument project:
"I do an Instruments of the Orchestra unit with 5th graders, starting mid- January. They go to a concert given by our local professional orchestra mid-February. We study how sound waves are produced and how the ear hears these.
We study each family of instruments and each instrument that belongs to that family. All through this we have talked about our instrument inventions and to start thinking about it. We look up other inventions on your web site to help them. A form is given to them to attach to their instrument. The project is a homework assignment and they can get help from parents or siblings.

On the due date, we have each student present their instrument telling everything that is on the form and then demonstrating how it is played. It is graded as Satisfactory for making one and unsatisfactory for not turning in a project.

When the instruments are in, I divide them into subgroups i.e.. drums, shakers, string, etc. This year I had enough to have a wind, chimes and rainstick category. They are numbered and the information removed so no names are with them.

I make up ballots to vote for the best in each category. All 3rd, 4th and 5th graders get a tour of all the instruments and then vote. Teachers and staff come in during the day also to vote. The top three in each category received a certificate at an assembly and then those are the instruments that were sent to represent our school on your web site."