By Panayiotis D.

I needed:  Plywood (3 strips 3 mm thick, length 80cm), Nails; 6 pieces (16CH21), 12 metal washers, Wood glues, a  brush, a stapler (wood),  water timber polishes, Sandpaper No. 100.

I put the plywood strips in a round bucket with water for 3 hours to get round shape. Then I pulled them out of the water and let it dry while keeping the round shape. I connected the edges of the first plywood and put glue on the outside. I put the middle of the second plywood to joint of the first. At the end I cut them so as to touch the two ends and nail. I repeated with the third plywood. Then I wiped off and let it dry for a day.

I marked the openings around at similar distances and at size larger than the double of the metal washer. Then I made a hole to the centre of the opening. I placed the two metal washer and put the nail in the center. I repeated the same in each opening. After rubbing with sandpaper, I wiped the dust from the surface and passed the polish with the brush. I let it dry and it’s ready.

The sound it makes of  undetermined tonal acuity and is played with the hands. Its sound is very distinctive and pervasive.