The Spinner, Lego Guitar and Drum Shaker -“Trio Band 1”
The name of the instrument pictured on the left is “The Spinner.” The materials I used were parts of an air conditioner, metal wires and p.v.c. board. The instrument family this instrument belongs to is percussion. It produces sound when the wires rub the air conditioner fan blades.

The instrument pictured in the middle is the “Lego Guitar” made completely from legos and some rubber bands. A member of the string family, you pluck the rubber bands to produce the instruments sound. The tighter the rubber band the higher the sound of the instrument and the looser, the lower.

The final instrument in our band is pictured on the right and is called the “Drum Shaker.”  It is a member of the percussion family and is made out of a tin can, lego pieces and some yarn. To produce the sound of this instrument you shake it and the metal pieces hit the side of the can producing a sound.