The Percussion Pan Flute, The Hybrid and The Bead Rainstick 
“Trio Band 2”
“The Percussion Pan Flute” is the instrument pictured on the left. It is a mixture of the percussion and woodwind families. To make a sound on the instrument you tap one side to make a beating sound. On the other side you blow into different lengths of pipe to make different pitches of sound. This instrument is made of PVC pipe, marker and duct tape.

The name of the second instrument in this band, pictured in the middle, is “The Hybrid.” I used a cardboard roll, wax paper, a tin foil ball, and duct tape. It is part of the woodwind and percussion family. The Hybrid produces sound by taping the side of the instrument, rolling the tin foil ball through it or blowing on the wax paper.

The final instrument in our band, pictured on the right, is “The Bead Rain Stick.” It is a homemade rain stick similar to an African rain stick design. The designs and colors fit that purpose. You shake or tilt the stick to create sound. It is called the “Bead Rain Stick” because it makes a calming rain sound. It is made out of beads and a cardboard roll.