The Virtual Museum of Music Inventions


Musical Instruments Designed by Fifth Grade Students at

Bernardston Elementary School

Bernardston, Massachusetts  

Bethany Fowler, Teacher - Mary Leyden, Tech Specialist

Grum Gortar


by Carla

How my instrument was made: I took a birdhouse gourd and had my Dad drill a hole in it. Then I had to clean out the gourd and make the stick. After that I added the rubber bands.

How my instrument makes sound: The rubber bands vibrate when you pluck them. The gourd vibrates when you hit it with the stick.


Duck Balloons

by Joanna


How my instrument was made:

I used balloons and put rice in them. Then I tied them and put the clothes pins on to hold them.

How my instrument makes sound:It makes sound by hitting the balloons with a stick.