The Virtual Museum of Music Inventions Presents:

Gallery 22

Meadowview Elementary School


Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Anne Sheridan, Music Teacher

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Brittany's Sufix Harp


Dan Drums

Hannah's Little B

Jackson's Climbes

Jillian's Pipeaphone

Kelly's Digeridoo

Maddie's Triple Drum

Michael's Bass Bucket

Mitchell's Chime Time Prime

Natalia's Tambourine

Sam's Thumb Piano

Samantha's Wash Board

Bret's Tube Sax

Katelyn's Milk Jug Strummer

Annie's Bass Broom

John's Jingle Jangle

Sean's Harpy

Mitchell's French Hose

Nicholas' Tick-a-tang

Kortney's Strum a Drum

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