Doll Maraca
by Magda D.

I used a large empty carton of milk, two toilet paper rolls, chocolate and candy wrappers, toothpicks, a handful of lentils and cardboard. I cut the toilet paper rolls so as to use them as hands and legs. I used some superglue to attach them to the right, the left and the bottom of my carton, which was to be my doll’s body. I used the wrappers as accessories on her hands and then I made her eyes and her dress out of the cardboard. In order to hide the rest of the carton I glued the toothpicks on the sides of my doll, and I also made some drawings on the back. I had already poured the lentils inside the carton.
In order to make her sound properly, I use her hands to twist my doll upside down all the time to make it look like she is dancing!