The Archepelegoe
by Mieli and Meghan
Central Howell School
It is played by blowing air across the pipes and ringing the metal chimes with a stick.
We purchased a 5’ length of plywood from Ace Hardware.  We also purchased 1/2” PVC pipe and 1/2” caps, a 12” hinge.  We used scraps of stainless steel, a nail gun and paracord.
First we measured the wood and used a circular saw to cut and build a rectangular box.  We measured the first  pipe to 8” and then cut each gradually 1/2 “ shorter to make a diatonic scale.  We drilled holes in the box and put the capped pipes standing up in the holes.  On the top of the box we made a stand to hang the metal pieces by paracord.  The box opens to keep mallets to play the metal chimes.