The Quartet Machine
My instrument is called “The Quartet Machine.” It is a member of the string and woodwind families.

It is made out of a wooden box, rope, string, beads, plastic bar, rubber bands, balloon, barrette, “squeakies,” and a pencil.

There are several ways to produce sound on this instrument. The first is you can pluck or strum the strings and rubber bands. The second is you can blow air into the balloon and pinch it near the opening and pull.  The third is you can squeeze the “squeakies.”

To change the pitch of this instrument you can do one of the following. You can pull the rope, which is attached to the plastic bar, which the strings are attached to, to make the pitch higher. You can also pull the balloon more or less and squeeze the "squeakies" harder.

Finally, to change the dynamics or volume of this instrument you can pluck the strings harder, squeeze the balloon harder or pinch the "squeakies" tighter.