The Three Musketeers
The name of the first instrument in our “Three Musketeers” Band is the T.C.C. It also stands for The Carlyn Cello. It is in the string family and is made out of a cardboard box, a cardboard pole, string, and duck tape. The duck tape colors are, green, blue, purple, orange, and zebra stripes. It produces sound by plucking the string. The different length strings make lower and higher pitched sounds.
The second instrument in our “Three Musketeers” Band is “The 3 Colorful Hamsters.” The family of this instrument is the, percussion family and the sounds it makes are, drum sounds and maraca sounds as rocks bang against the plastic cup. The items used to make this instrument are, a yogurt container, a plastic cup, a mini yogurt container, a 12 by 6 piece of cardboard, wire tape, little rocks in the cup and 3 orange, green, and blue hamster stickers!
The third instrument in our “Three Musketeers” Band is “Jenna’s Super Strings.” By the name you can probably tell that this instrument is in the strings family. This instrument is made out of 2 pie tins, sticky squares, rubber bands, thumb tacks, and a piece of wood. Strumming or plucking the rubber bands produces the sound.