The American Strummer

By Joshua

            The American Strummer is my homemade guitar.  Mom and grandpa helped me make it.  I found a wooden box, it used to be my great grandpa’s, and found a thin board for the top.  I measured the board with a measuring tape.  Then grandpa sawed, with a big power saw, the board to the right size.  I marked a spot for the hole and grandpa helped me use the drill press to put a hole in the board.  Then I found a long skinny board for the handle and drew a line with a pencil and grandpa sawed it.  I sanded the inside of the box and the hole where the saw cut.  Then I glued it to the box.  Then I hammered nails to hold it together.  Then I found a little block of wood, and grandpa cut four slits in the block of wood.  Then I screwed screws on each side then I drilled four holes in the top of the handle and put four screw eyes in the holes.  Then I tied four copper strings from the block of wood to the four screw eyes.  Then I decorated it with the red, white and blue tape.  I made it red, white and blue for it’s name the ‘American’ strummer.

            The American Strummer makes sound when you pluck or strum it.  You can tap the wood box a little like a drum too.

            The American Strummer is soft and can be loud but when you strum it to hard the copper wires get loose and it sounds funny.  The wires all make different sounds when they are tight. For the dynamics  you pluck it hard to make it loud, and to make it soft you pluck it lightly.  The short string makes a high pitch and the long string makes a lower pitch.   The  timbre on my guitar is tinkly, smooth, golden, brassy, and airy.