The Colorful Shakers

By: Faith

My instrument is called “the colorful shakers”.  My cousin Tyler helped me make it.  After choosing a pattern, we got the materials to make it.  I checked over the pattern carefully to make sure I had the right materials and we did.

After that, we got colorful ribbon and wrapped it around the cap of the two pop bottles and curled the ribbon.

My cousin and I got colorful paper and wrapped it around the middle and taped them to the bottle.

I shake them hard to make them a loud dynamic.  To change the dynamics, I shake them lightly for a softer dynamic.  I cannot change the pitch of a shaker, however if it has something small inside it then it will have a high pitch. 

I put my hands on them and shake to play the instrument.  The timber of my instrument is smooth and noisy.  Sometimes it even sounds like a rattle snake.