Cymbal Shakers

By: Madde

                  First I spray painted the cymbals pink after my mom showed me how to.  Then I went with my mom to the store and I picked out what color duct tape I wanted. Then I bought a rope so we could hold the cymbals together and some jingle bells for inside the cymbals. I also decided I wanted to use hardware for different sounds. I didn’t buy any more because I have lots at home. Next my mom put the rope through the holes I could not do it because it was too hard. Then she fastened it with zip ties. After that she held the cymbals slightly open so I could put the jingle bells, screws, nails, nuts, and washers in. Then she held the cymbals tightly together and I put duct tape around it. My mom said you should go over the duct tape one more time so I did. I wanted some kind of design so my mom had a great idea of painting designs on it with nail polish. She drew the design in pencil and I went over it in purple nail polish. Doing all of that took us about 3 hours and 30 minutes.

                   You can make noise with the cymbal shaker two ways. Number one you can shake it. It will make noise because it has metal inside that is hitting the metal cymbals. Number two you can tap it. Tapping the cymbal shaker works well because the cymbals used to be my old drum cymbals, so they’re supposed to be hit.

                  You can change the dynamics to soft by shaking the cymbal shaker lightly. Or you can change it by tapping it lightly. To make the cymbal shaker loud you can tap it hard. Or you can shake it hard. To make it high you can tap the center. And to make it low you can tap the outside. I got small jingle bells and larger jingle bells. The larger jingle bells make a lower sound and the small jingle bells make a higher sound. The timbre of the cymbal shaker is brassy and clinky.