The Harp of Glory

By: Amelia


My instrument is called, “ The Harp of Glory.”  My Mom and I found different boxes for me to try.  Then I found a good fitting box, not too big or small. I started to look for rubber bands that fit my box. They couldn’t be too big because they wouldn’t stay on the box when strummed. They couldn’t be too small, because they wouldn’t stretch over and on to the box.

I found different objects to use to strum my harp like pipe cleaner, chopsticks, and pencils. But I finally decided to use chopsticks because I thought they made the prettiest sound. It took about an hour-and-a-half because I tried many different boxes and rubber bands. I used a lot of stickers to decorate my harp and make it look pretty.

My harp’s sound is produced by strumming or plucking it. When I strum my harp it sounds different from when I pluck it. But it sounds nice either way I do it. When I strum it the Timbre is sweet. When I pluck it the Timbre is tinkly.

To create a Loud Dynamic I strum my harp hard and fast. To make a Soft Dynamic I strum it light and slow. To change the Pitch you can put a pencil under rubber bands near the side. With the pencil in you can pluck the short side it has a High Pitch. If you pluck the bigger side it gives you a Low Pitch.