The Hunting Chime
By Evan

My instrument is called the Hunting Chime. My dad helped me make my instrument. The materials I used for my instrument are fishing line, deer antlers, jar lids and my dad’s wrestling medal and finally a key ring to hang it. I drilled the holes in the jar lids. My dad drilled holes in the antlers. Then I took the fishing line with my dad’s help and weaved the line up and down through the lid antlers until all where attached then tied a knot at the end.

To make a pitch sound in the instrument my dad put a lid in the middle of the antler’s weighted by the wrestling medal. How my instrument produces sound you have to shake it. To make the dynamics loud you have to shake it hard. To change the dynamics to soft you can shake it lightly to make a softer sound.

For the pitch sound you have to shake it hard so the antlers hit the lower lid to make a high pitch and there is no low pitch. My instrument and my report took six hours.

When I shake my instrument it sounds like deer fighting.