The Music Machine
by Alex

My dad and I worked on my music machine for about two hours.  The materials we used were: capacitors, a 555 timer, resistors, a speaker with amplifier, wires, switches, and a knob. 

First I built the circuit on a breadboard, which is a prototype board.  We used a calculator from the internet to predict the frequency.  I really like electronics, so this was fun to do with my dad.
My music machine makes a noise when you press the buttons.  Each button makes a different noise.  When you press a button it makes a frequency, then the frequency goes to the speaker.  After it reaches the speaker, the speaker makes a sound.  My dad helped me make it.  I think it is really cool!  My dad and I put a lot of work into it.
There is a knob on my music machine that makes a low frequency when you turn it.  When you turn the knob the other way it makes a high frequency sound.  This is like different musical notes. Pressing the buttons changes the "pitch".  This is done by changing the shape of the frequency wave.  We saw this on an oscilloscope.  There is a knob that controls the volume. This is the "dynamic" that makes it loud and soft.  The "timber" is Earsplitting.