The Outrageous Drum
By: Mason 

My mom and I went into town and got a 8 tube ( used for cement work) and a wooden dowel to make a drum and drum sticks from Menards.

This is how we did it:
First I had my brother Matthew use the saw and cut the tube into the length I wanted for my drum. Then he cut the dowel into 2 pieces for drum sticks.

Next I sanded the dowels and made details on them. Then I picked out a paint color and I chose Outrageous Orange paint. I used a mini paint roller and painted it and after I let it set over night to dry.

Then next day we used a brown faux fabric that looks like leather and string suede to complete the drum. I cut out the fabric and made rough edge circle to fit over each end of the tube. Then I had to poke holes into the edges of the fabric so that I could stick the suede sting thru the holes, I did this because it held the fabric on the top and the bottom of the tube.

The Pitch is: If you strike the drum in the center it is a low sound and if you hit the drum on the rim it makes a higher pitch sound. The Dynamics are: Loud and soft , the harder you hit it the louder
it sounds. The Timbre is: The sounds my instrument gives when I beat my drum is a deep but soft bass sound.

And that is my Outrageous Drum.
I hope you enjoyed My Little Friend