The PVC Pound
By Zachary

First I started with PVC pipe and cut into four different lengths. My dad had to do the cutting because I can’t use the saw.

Then I had to use balloons to wrap it around the top of the PVC pipes. To make it stay I covered it with duck tape. To get the PVC pipe stay my uncle Jeff had to use a circle saw and cut holes just wide enough for the PVC pipe to fit.

Lastly I nailed the boards in place to make the stand. I make the little beaters by taking a pencil and sticking a marsh-mellow on the end of it and covering up the pencil with duck tape.

The sound is produced by me beating on the drum with little beaters. I take the beaters and as I beat the drum the sound is made.

I can change the dynamics by beating the drum hard or soft. I can change the pitch by hitting the biggest drum to make a low pitch or I can hit the smallest drum to make a high pitch. The timbre is like a pounding sound boom, boom, boom.