Rainbow Drum
by Hailey

I thought of a few different ideas before coming up with the rainbow drum. I was not sure if I wanted to do a guitar, or a drum. I decided on the drum because my grandpa has played the drums for 42 years.

There was a few choices to use for the drum but I wanted to use something that I could recycle. I looked in the trash and there was a large lemonade can. I wanted to decorate the drum so I got some markers out to color the can when my mom gave me a idea to use some colored duct tape that we have at the house. I thought that would be a great idea and she brought me the coolest rainbow duct tape I had ever seen. I completely covered the can with the duct tape.

Now it was time to come up with some drum sticks. I was going to use some pencils but they were not large enough. So I went out side and got some sticks that had fallen out of the trees. I loved the rainbow duct tape so much I decided to cover the sticks with the tape too.

I now had my drum but I wanted a way to be able to walk and play my drum at the same time. My mom helped me make a strap out of the duct tape. I could now put the strap around my neck and the drum was right in front of my belly.

The sound dynamics of my drum was loud if you hit it harder and would get lower the softer you hit the drum. For a high pitch you can hit the drum on the metal ring that was around the top of the can. For a low pitch you can hit the drum in the center. My drums timbre depends on the striking or different beats of my drum.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my rainbow drum. I also like to thank my mom for her help with the drum and my dads help with the report. Last I would like to thank one of my favorite teachers, Mrs. Voigt.