The Sparkler
by Christina
                    My mom and I went to JoAnn
                    Fabrics and got a wooden ring, pearls,
                    dice, stretch cord, and 2 cans of paint .
                    I also put on washers, nuts, paperclips and
                    a bell which we had at the house.
                    My mom helped me with stringing
                    all the parts together. My dad helped me with
                    holding the ring while I was painting. He also
                    helped me with spelling on this report.
                    It took us 2  1/2 hours to make it.

                    Sound can be made by shaking it and tapping
                    it. I hit it hard to make loud noise and softer
                    to make it play softer. To make the pitch
                    high you shake the bell and the washers.To
                    make the pitch low I hit the beads . It sounds
                    like jingling  and dull thuds.