Strum the Banjo

By Dylan


I made a banjo and my mom and dad helped me. My dad measured and cut the wood I needed. I used a blue marker to mark the sides of the plastic tub that needed to be cut. My dad used a knife to cut the plastic tub. Then, I slid the wood through the holes in the tub and attached them with tacks. Next, I spray painted the wood and the tub blue. After the paint was dry, my dad helped me stretch an orange balloon over the top of the tub. My mom helped me attach it with blue tape. Then I screwed the eyelets into the board. I cut the fishing line that my dad tied to the eyelets. Next, I cut and glued the white cardboard to make the bridges. My dad used a knife to cut ridges in them so the strings could fit in them. I tightened the strings, and then decorated the rest of the banjo. It took about two hours to make the banjo.

            Sound is produced by strumming the strings over the tub with my thumb. Or, I can pluck the strings with my finger and thumb. With both ways, I use my other hand to hold the strings down on the board.

            For Soft Dynamics, I can strum or pluck the strings lightly. To change to Loud Dynamics, I can strum or pluck the strings harder. If I hold down a string at the top of the board, I can make the Pitch Low. If I put my fingers lower on the board, the Pitch is High. The Timbre of my banjo is hollow and soothing.