The Stump Thumper

By Koby

My dad and I made the drum. My dad cut the log in half; then he used a drill to put hole in it. The first time we tried to put a hole in the log, it spun out of control. We then had to hook it down and the drill went through. Then my dad and I got some plexi-glass and put it on the top of the drum. Then my dad took a wood piece and fashioned it into a handle. I got to screw it in. After that, we made the drum-stick. It took my dad and I about one hour to finish it.

To make the Stump Thumper, my dad and I used wood, plexi-glass, and screws. To put my instrument together, we had to use a table saw, and drill.

The sound of the instrument is produced by either a tap, or by being struck. You can change the dynamics by hitting it hard or soft. You can change the pitch by hitting the drum in the middle for a low sound, or the outside for a high sound. The Stump Thumper sounds hollow.