Zebra Tar
by Andersen
For my Musical Instrument Invention, I chose to make a guitar.  The first thing I did was go to the store with my mom to get the supplies I needed.  We did buy a couple of extra items just in case something didn’t go as planned.  When we got home the construction began.

We started the guitar by getting a square bowl and putting different sized rubber bands around the bowl, biggest to smallest.  When I got down to the smallest rubber bands I put them in order by sound.

Once the bands were in place I taped them down to the bowl to make sure they couldn’t move from their place.  I then started the design of the guitar.  I traced a design of flames onto a white foam board.  My mom helped me cut it out with a box cutter.  After cutting out the shape, I used a round bowl to trace a circle to cut out where the bowl with rubber bands would go and then my mom helped me cut it out.  Once the circle was cut I used some zebra print scrapbook paper that I picked out at the store, to go around the circle I had cut out on the foam board.

When the front design of the guitar was done, I started with the back.  I had to hot glue the square bowl that had the rubber bands on it to the back of the foam board.  When that was done, I glued a shoe box over the bowl to cover it up.  I then decorated the shoe box with the left over zebra print scrapbook paper I had not used.  I also used some zebra print duct tape that I had to decorate the box.

For the neck of the guitar,  I had picked out a recorder to use.  I used hot glue to secure it in place on the shoe box.  I even pushed a very thin piece of zebra print scrapbook paper inside the recorder to make it look better, since it was clear.

I picked out a black fuzzy fur strap at the fabric store for my guitar.  I used 3 gold screws on each side of the strap to secure it to the shoe box as well as some hot glue.  After sitting for a bit to let everything dry, I was ready to play.

I named my guitar the ZEBRA TAR.  This fit perfectly, since it had zebra prints.

The sound of my Zebra Tar is produced by me strumming the rubber bands.  I strum my Zebra Tar very fast to make louder sounds and I strum it very slow to make softer sounds.  I get a lower sound when I strum the larger bands and a higher sound when I strum the smaller bands.  The timbre of my Zebra Tar is tuneful.