Battle Beat

Ian V.
My instrument is the ‘Battle Beat’ hand drum.  My Dad and I made plans for the drum, and then went to Menards to get the tube and twine.  Once home, Dad and I went to the garage to start working.  First I measured 20 inches.  Dad checked me and then he put tape on the tube so I could cut straight.  I made the cut using a saw.  When I got to the middle it got hard so he finished the cut. Dad made a circle cutting jig to cut my top and bottom. By using a router and special bit Dad cut the two pieces.  I measured the holes and Dad checked me for the twine and the feet.  Next Dad and I lined up the holes and while Dad held I used the drill press to drill the holes.
The next day I sanded the wood top and bottom with 180 grit sandpaper.   I then primed the tube and the wood pieces.  I chose camo spray paint and I started painting.  It took two days to paint the camo design.  Dad cut the rubber tube for the top of the drum.  I remembered about a goat skin chamois in our closet for the drum top.  It soaked for an hour and Dad stapled it while I held the skin tight.  Dad attached the feet to the bottom using a drill gun while I helped line them up.

Dad forgot to countersink the holes for the twine.  He did that with his drill gun before he started threading the twine rope through the holes.  I attached the washer and nail under the bottom to create the tension for the drumhead.  It took some time working the twine through the drum.  It was hard.  Dad tied the knots but it took a long time for this to work right.  Dad said that this was a hard drum to make.  He turned the drum over and Dad and I turned the nails to tighten the drum.
The drum makes sound by me patting it with my hands.  The dynamics change by how hard and soft I hit the drum.  Sometimes I use my figure tips and the dynamics are very soft.  When I use my whole hand the dynamic becomes very loud.  On the outside rim of the drum the pitch is high and on the inside of the drum the pitch is low.  The timbre of the drum is a husky sweet noise that I like to make.  I want to play the drums when I grow up.

Mom came up with the name for my drum and helped type my report.