The Blue Jay Miracle Shaker

By Amanda M.


My instrument is called, “The Blue Jay Miracle Shaker.“  My mom helped me make it.  My mom and I went to Joann Fabric to get some paint, felt, and paint brushes.  I found an empty miracle whip jar in our recycling bin.

I sat down at the table and I stated painting, it took 3 coats of paint for each color.  After it was dry, I put in the “shaker.”  I put in rice and some beads, and then I closed the lid.  I asked mom if she would help cut out the felt.  Once everything was cut out using sewing scissors, then my mom helped me hot glue felt on the top, bottom and the letters on the side using a hot glue gun.  Once the glue was cool, I then put on some clear gems to dress up my miracle shaker.

I shake it hard to make it have loud dynamics.  To change the dynamics, I shake it softly for a soft dynamics.  Shakers do not change their pitch.  My shaker has a high pitch because I have rice and beads inside, which are small items.  The timbre of my instrument is noisy, loud, and sharp.