Fresco Flauta

By Mary Y.

My instrument is called, “Fresco Flauta” which means Cool Flute in Spanish.  My dad and mom helped me make it.  My whole family made a trip to Menards to buy a piece of PVC pipe and a cap.   When my family got home, my dad and I went to my Grandpa’s garage to use his tools.  I used a tape measure and measured out 15 and 9/16 inches and cut it with a saw.  My dad helped me with the saw.
After putting the cap on one end, my dad and I made the mouthpiece by drilling a 3/8 inch hole through the side of the cap and through one side of the pipe. 

Next I measured out where to put the finger holes and I marked them on the pipe.   I used the drill with the help of my dad and drilled five holes. That did not work so I put a piece of tape over four of them.  I then placed a piece of tape over the open end of the pipe and after many tries I was able to make it sound like a real flute.

My family and I went to Wal-Mart and bought three rolls of duct tape.  The patterns on the duct tape were cheetah, zebra and flames.  I cut the tape into strips and wrapped them around the pipe.

After that I studied the Dynamics.  First was the Loud Dynamics. I blew really hard to get that. For the Soft Dynamics I blew lightly.  Next are the Pitches.  In order to get the pitch to change from High to Low I just move my thumb up and down on the hole.  The Timbre of my instrument is resonant.  Sometimes the Timbre even sounds like a train whistle.