The White Polka-Dotted Flute

By Alexis S.


First I asked my Dad if we had any 5/8 inch pvc pipe. After looking around the house we had to go to Home Depot for it. My dad had to buy a 10ft piece for about 15 inch's of pipe. So now I can make a lot of flutes.


After getting the pipe I asked dad if he would help me measure it and cut it he showed me how to measure it at 15 inches and mark it then he took a special tubing cutter and showed me what to do - - - he put it on the pipe and I turned it and tightened, it and turned it some more until it was cut after we measured 7 holes in a straight line. The first hole was marked 3 1/2inches from the left 4 inches from that hole I marked it again from that hole and marked it again a inch from the third mark, and then another 1 inch mark from the forth pencil mark we then measured 5/8 inch from the fifth mark and made another mark then I marked it at 1/4 inches from the sixth pencil mark it should be about 2 inches to the end with a 5/6 inch drill bit. I drilled all 7 holes after that I pushed a cork in the left end until it was about a 7/4 of an inch from the first hole drilled.

Then I got to decorate it anyway I wanted. I then named it the White Polka a Dotted flute. While I tried learning how to play my flute I learned about pitch, dynamics and timbre.

For a high pitch I would cover all the holes except for the first one. For a low pitch I’d cover all the holes except for the last one, for a louder Dynamic I would, blow harder and for a softer sound I would lightly blow on the flute.

It makes lots of noise, as well as peaceful and pleasant sounds.