Pots of Gold

By Morgan Y.

My instrument is called, “Pots of Gold.”  My grandpa, dad, and mom helped me make it.  I decided to make pot bells but I did it different than the directions told me to.  First I told my grandpa I wanted to make a stand for my pots.  He had some scrap pieces of wood and I nailed then together.  Next my grandpa helped me drill a hole in each upright of the stand.  My grandpa had a piece of inch pipe that I slid though the holes to hang the pots on.  I looked through his tool box.  I found a wrench that I can use to tap the pots with to make it sound like music.

Next I found four pots in his garage.  My grandpa gave me some spray paint to decorate the pots.  I took it all home and spray painted the stand and the pots in my garage.

My mom and I found some string and hung the four pots from the pipe at different levels.  I asked my dad if he had a saw to cut the end of the pipe because it was too long.  I made a mark where I wanted to cut it and I cut it with the saw.  The final step was to hammer a nail into one side of the stand to hold the wrench.

I tap on the pots lightly for a Soft Dynamics.  To change the Dynamics, I tap harder on the pots to make it have a Loud Dynamics.  In order to change the Pitches, I tap on the different pots.  The larger pots have Lower Pitches, and the smaller pots have Higher Pitches.  The Timbre of my instrument is chimes. Sometimes the Timbre even sounds like drops of water from the shower.