Both my mom and dad helped. My mom helped find the paint and I painted the drums. After about two days of drying my dad drilled some holes and he also lined up where to put the holes. I screwed in the nuts bolts and washers. Then my mom hot glued it. My mom has this special sticky stuff and I’m not sure what it’s called. I cut out and put pictures on the top and sides with that special stuff. It took about 5 and a half hours to put together. I used coffee cans, nuts bolts and washers, hot glue, magazine pictures, golf balls and uncooked macaroni.
Sound is produced when the rockin drum shaker is struck or shaken.
The dynamics are, when I strike it hard or shake it hard it is loud when I strike or shake it lightly it is soft. The pitch is when I tap it near the middle it is a low sound and when I tap it near the edge it is a high sound. I can not change the pitch when I use it as a shaker.
The timbre is kind of a smooth sound.