By Taylor E.


To make my rattlers the first thing I did was go to the garage and get 2 of the same pop bottles.  Next I rinsed the pop bottles out and let them dry on a towel for a few hours.  Then my mom got out her ruler and helped me measure some of the off white colored paper for the wrapper.  I then cut the paper on the lines.
Next it was time to pick decorations for my wrapper.  Since my mom and I got a Cricut machine for Christmas we decided to use this to help make the designs for my rattler.  First, I had to decide which designs I wanted to use and what color paper each design would be cut from.  Once all the decorations were cut out I had to design where everything would go and then glue them on.
While I was waiting for the glue to dry I decided on what I was going to put in each rattler.  In one of them I put wood pieces, bells and beads.  In the other bottle I put wood pieces and buttons.
The dynamics:  If you shake it light it has a soft sound.  If you shake it hard then you get a loud sound.  Since it is a rattler you cannot change the pitch, but one of the rattlers has a low pitch and the other has a high pitch.  The timber of one of the rattlers reminds me of maracas and the other one reminds me of a bottle full of shells.