Three Eyed Drum 

by Megan H.

My mom and I went to Menards and got one small, one medium and one large pvc pipe. Also at Menards we got hose clamps and zip ties. Then mom and I went to Target and got punch balloons and cut off the part that you blow it up. Then we went home right away and got the hose lets the air from your mouth go into the big part of the balloon that you punch.

Dad and I put on the punch balloons on the pvc pipe. I held the small pvc pipe and dad put on the punch balloon. Then I took 2 hose clamps then put them around the small pvc pipe. Then I took a flat head screw driver and tightened the hose clamps to each side. After dad and I were done with the small pvc pipe it was time for the medium  pipe.

I held the medium pvc pipe and dad put a punch balloon on it. Then I turned it over and dad put on another balloon. The large pvc did not  have a balloon to fit. So, next weekend,  mom and I went to Joanne Fabrics and got some fabric. Then I put paper plates on top of the large pvc pipe and taped them to it . then I took the fabric and put it on top of the plates and then took a  rubber bands and put on to hold it in place. Then I took the other two and wrapped fabric around the pvc pipe. Then they were done.

The dynamics can be changed by hitting it harder to make it louder. To make it soft you hit it lightly. The pitch in the big drum is a deep low sound the middle sized drum is a medium sound and the small drum is a high sound.  The timbre for the big drum sounds like a giant jumping on a trampoline, the middle drum sounds like Native American music and the small drum sounds like a gong.