The Virtual Museum of Music Inventions Presents:

Gallery 13

St. Vincent de Paul School

(Note: We regret to inform you that St. Vincent de Paul School closes its doors in June, 2002)

Shepherd, Michigan

Kimberly Voigt, Music Teacher

St. Vincent de Paul School Musical Instrument Archives (2000/2001)

Alex' s Coffee Can Drum

My instrument is called a coffee can drum. My Grandma helped me make it. After I decided what I wanted to do, my Grandma found the paint, and I found an old coffee can in the garage. We found a long piece of rubber that would work good to cover the ends.

First I cut the ends off the coffee can. Then I painted strips on the coffee can. Then I added rubber bands around the outside in the creases for decoration. Next I cut the rubber in two circles. And then we attached the rubber on the coffee can with a rubber band. And then my drumsticks were two pencils.

The sound is made by tapping on the rubber with my drumsticks or pencils. The sound of the drum can be changed by tapping on the ends with either one or two pencils. Tapping can change the sound on different places on the rubber.

I can also change the pitch and the sound of the drum by how tight the rubber on the ends is stretched. The timbre sounds of the drum sounds like raindrops hitting our camper roof in the summer when we are camping.