Gallery 19

South Elementary School

Westmont, Illinois

Third Grade Class

Mrs. Michelon, Teacher

Bass Fiddle by Alante W.

Rainstick by Kevin

Da Boom Tube
by Andrew G.

The Bomb by Miki

Box Guitar by Anthony A.

Shake-Shake by Mitchell V.

Mrassco by Calvin M.

The Weirdstrument by Nick D.

Chinese Guitar by Collin A.

Cup Drum by Nick F.

Marocas by Daniel N.

Quinnumdrums and Shaking Shaker by Quinn K.

The D. V. Drums by Donald V.

Shoebox Guitar by Ryan S.

Harar by Elisa K.

The Bow Instrument by Zach B.

Candrum by Hunter F.

Kazoo by Jeffrey Y.

Pan Flute by Jenny K.


See instruments from Mrs. Michelon's Third Grade Class of 2001/2002

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