The Flower Power Bells

 By Laura Cuthbertson

    I named my instrument “The Flower Power Bells” because they are flower pots made into bells. My sister, mom and I got the ceramic flower pots at Jo-Ann Fabrics. I picked out four different sizes of pots. First, I picked out a tiny pot. Then I chose a larger flower pot. Next I got two bigger pots.

    I made my Flower Power Bells by first putting colored strings in the holes at the top of the flower pots. Next my mom used a knife to cut pieces of wood for the pots that had bigger holes so the strings would not fall out. Then I got to design them with paint. I used lots of different pretty colors to decorate the Flower Power Bells. I had to wait for the paint to dry before I could do anything else.

    My dad used some big pieces of wood, a staple gun, and a drill to make a rack for my Flower Power Bells. When the rack was done I hung my four bells from the rack at four different levels.

    I used two chopsticks with wooden balls on the ends as drumsticks to hit my bells with. I painted them blue and yellow because they are Shepherd’s school colors.

    To make the sound I strike the bottom of the flowerpot bells with the balls on the chopsticks. The harder I hit the bells the louder the Dynamics. The lighter I hit the bells the softer the Dynamics. I learned the tiny pink bell has the highest Pitch and the biggest bell has the lowest Pitch. The Timbre of the bells I made is hollow and loud. When I play my Flower Power Bells I think of Christmas.